Driving the Adoption of Automated Composites

Our Founders

Sean Mario Hazaray


Sean is distinguished leader in product development for automotive applications, with past product roles at Subaru R&D, Porsche Digital, BMW and Karma Automotive. He has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from University of Michigan, and an MBA from Oxford University.

Henry Lo

Chief Technology Officer

Henry has decades of experiences taking high performance vehicles from ideation to production. After leading program engineering at Aston Martin, McLaren, and Jaguar Landrover, Henry is a world leader in performance vehicle development. Henry holds an engineering degree from University of Edinburgh and is wrapping up his PhD in Autonomous Safety at University of Leeds

Strong. Fast. Affordable.

Next-Gen Materials. Next-Gen Mobility.

No Compromises.

With novel manufacturing techniques developed in-house, and a unque a source of carbon fiber, we're enabling better solutions for mobility applications.

  • Canadian Engineering. Global Vision.

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