Haze Automotive, Studio 63, and Arcane Four Announce Joint Venture: Ottawa Infotainment



Haze Automotive, Studio 63, and Arcane Four Announce Joint Venture: Ottawa Infotainment

Ottawa, Canada - Haze Automotive, Studio 63, and Arcane Four are excited to announce the launch of their joint venture, Ottawa Infotainment. This new company aims to provide bespoke infotainment and autonomous solutions to niche sportscar, electric vehicle, commercial vehicle and mobility firms.

With 8 commitments from mobility customers already secured, it is clear that the automotive market requires in-vehicle software to be both customizable and able to stay relevant with future trends. Haze Automotive brings a wealth of expertise to the table, with experience from leading firms such as Porsche, BMW, Aston Martin, and McLaren. Studio 63 is a leader in industrial design and has a track record of developing autonomous solutions. Arcane Four is a specialist in embedded automotive software, with experience enabling new features such as in-vehicle payments and AI sensor orchestration.

"We are excited to be a part of Ottawa Infotainment. Arcane Four brings our wealth of expertise in embedded software and our automotive software integration platform to the table," said Jon Hacker, CTO of Arcane Four. "Our innovative integration platform and our experience developing connected embedded systems enables us to rapidly and easily develop features that enhance the in-vehicle experience for our customers."

"At Studio 63, we understand the importance of developing solutions that truly solve customer needs and enhance the overall experience," said Miles Hammond, President of Studio 63. "We believe that our expertise in industrial design, combined with the expertise of Haze Automotive and Arcane Four, will allow Ottawa Infotainment to offer unique and innovative solutions to the sportscar and mobility markets."

Together, these three companies believe that Ottawa Infotainment can offer the market a powerful and configurable infotainment platform. They will be launching their platform for sportscar companies at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

"We are excited to bring our expertise and passion for innovation to the table with Ottawa Infotainment.," said Sean Hazaray, CEO of Haze Automotive. "We believe that this joint venture will allow us to offer unparalleled solutions to the sportscar and mobility markets."

For more information about Ottawa Infotainment, please visit at www.ottawainfotainment.com.

About HAZE Automotive

Haze Automotive is a Canadian start-up company founded in 2020, backed by Alchemist Accelerator and Oxford University. The company is focused on developing lighter and safer vehicles with improved performance, using next-generation materials with embedded sensors. Haze Automotive is helping niche sportscar firms with their vehicle frames made from carbon fiber, a material normally reserved for race cars. The company's mission is to democratize carbon fiber and make it available for everyday cars.


For all inquiries, please contact Haze Automotive at media@hazeautomotive.com 


About Arcane Four

Founded in 2009, and based in Ottawa, Arcane Four is a full-service embedded software company specialized in designing and developing software for automotive, industrial and related industries. Arcane Four has developed software used by Aptera Motors, Karma Automotive, Valid Manufacturing, Parker Hannifin, BlackBerry QNX, Amazon Web Services, Xperi and Subaru. Arcane Four’s innovative automotive software integration platform leverages industry standards to simplify the integration of vehicle systems with onboard HMI, sensor orchestration, telematics platforms and cloud-based fleet management systems.

For more information, visit arcanefour.com or connect through email.

Media: Jason Kennedy info@arcanefour.com

About Studio 63

Founded in 2012, and based in Ottawa, Studio 63 is a design firm specializing in design and builds for automotive concept development, testing and Integration.  We have designed and fabricated automotive demos for QNX, Amazon, Qualcomm, Xperi, Karma, Subaru, and KPIT. If you need a trade show demo on a desk or a full integration of your technology into a vehicle, we do it all. We designed and built the first level 4 autonomous trucks on the roads as well as other smaller autonomous rovers and ATV’s.  

For more information, visit www.studio63.ca or connect through email.

Media: Miles Hammond miles@studio63.ca